Friday, 19 Aug 2022

Organizations That Help Women In The Tech Industry

Some of the most noteworthy organizations that help women in the tech industry

It’s common knowledge that there is a severe lack of women who are working fulfilling careers in the tech industry. As of 2015, women only make up a quarter of the tech industry, which is a big reduction from 2002. So not only are women under represented, there is also a worsening of the situation as they continue to decline in numbers.

Thankfully, a number of groups have been emerging with the aim of helping women come together and get guidance on how to break into the industry. Here are some of the most noteworthy organizations that help women in the tech industry:


Women Who Code London

This org started in London in February 2014 and holds weekly events that inspire women to “excel in technology careers through the creation of a Marketing for Solopreneurs community.”


Women In Telecoms And Technology

This is an organization that serves as a networking and meet-up event for women in the tech and telco industry, fostering communication, sharing of knowledge, as well as mentoring. The events are held every two months.


Ladies That UX

With events that are held every two or three months, Ladies that UX is an organization of women from the tech industry with leanings towards strategizing solutions for user experience. The group currently has more than 1000 members from various locations.


GeekGirlMeetup UK

This group aims to shine a spotlight on the female role models in the industry, by creating networks for exchange of ideas and knowledge, as well as supporting mentorship programs. Membership is not public information, but their twitter account has over 3 thousand active followers. Events are held every six weeks.


Girls In Tech London

Founded in April 2012, Girls in Tech London supports and helps raise the visibility of women in technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Like most of the groups in this list, the membership is not made public but they currently have seven thousand plus active followers on Twitter. The org holds events on a monthly basis.


W Kollective

This creatively-named group is relatively young, having been founded in September of 2013, but already has 452 active members. They hold events every two months in various venues and the members exchange experiences, brainstorm on various tech solutions, and support each other professionally and personally.


300 Seconds

This group’s goal is to help women overcome anxieties relating to speaking at tech and digital conferences, usually by giving them 5 minute slots in front of a friendly and supportive audience, which is where the name of the group comes from. The events are held every two months in and around London, with occasional events held in Manchester. 300 Seconds currently has over 1 thousand active members.


Open for Everyone

While all the groups above are targeted towards women, the organizations are not prejudiced and will happily welcome men. So even if you’re a male and just want to lend your support for women, you can seek out the groups and ask if you can help in any capacity.