Friday, 19 Aug 2022


Founded In 2012, The Innotech Network™ Is Changing The World Through Tech Innovation And Idea Generation. For Four Years, The Network Has Brought Forward-Thinking Topics Like Cyber Security And Government Corruption To London, San Francisco And Millions Of Worldwide Audiences, Showcasing Up-And-Coming Startups And Putting Forth Great Speakers In Highly Entertaining Events.


Hello And Thank You For Your Interest Into The Innotech Network.

We have been hosting events, controversial topics, and questioning policy around innovation since 2012. We produce videos to extend the life of said events online—to immortalize them on Youtube and our website. We engage with audiences, on and off line, so that we can aggregate interest around the world, championing the voices of young and old to come take part of carving the landscape for a digital future.

The core of each our messages is to remind everyone that we, the people, have the power to chose how technology changes our lives. So yes, tech is replacing jobs- and yes, radiation from our phones is bad—and yes kids have more exposure to the “dark arts” online then ever before—

but equally, technology offers freedom… opportunity…. and choice. More and more people connect to loved ones, educate themselves with the wealth of information made available from online websites, share, like and engage with each other across the world in all sectors.