Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022

Hi-Res Security Camera Considerations

If you have ever researched security cameras you have no doubt discovered that there are a wide range of different surveillance cameras to choose from. Phoenix security authorities state that surveillance cameras are growing rapidly in popularity and in production because they are the only security technology that acts as a set of eyes when you are not around.

Hi-Res Security Camera Considerations

Currently, megapixel and HDTV security cameras are a hot item. However, experts in software tools for startups say that there are some things that people absolutely must consider before investing in a higher resolution camera. Overall, there are two key things that people should consider: low-light performance and storage capacity.

It is important to consider the lighting environment where you will be using a surveillance camera. This makes a big difference in whether or not a megapixel or HDTV camera is necessary for your particular security purposes, according to Phoenix security experts. Higher resolution cameras are most efficient in places where there is a lot of available light. They are known for performing poorly in low-light situations.

This is because even though they have more pixels than a standard resolution camera they are still about the same size as a regular camera. To fit more pixels into the camera, manufacturers reduce the pixel size so that they can create more pixels per area. However, Phoenix security authorities state that smaller pixels affect how well high resolution cameras capture light–smaller pixels cause the cameras to be less light sensitive.

In addition to this, storage capacity is another thing that people should think about before investing in higher resolution surveillance cameras. Phoenix security experts suggest that they be used for live feed only if you do not have enough storage space to save footage. Higher quality images are also larger in size so you must invest in more storage space if you want to be able to archive your footage.

Keeping your home and family safe from online threats is now affordable and readily available at almost any retail store. High resolution security cameras can be easily installed by anyone and are commonly wireless. The only tool you will really need is a drill for mounting and an electrical outlet for power. If you have those readily available you will be fine and can have the cameras setup in a matter of minutes.