Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

What being a gamer really means

You’ve probably already heard that our children’s generation is doomed. They can’t have fun without a screen, live without a device and are addicted to video games. They don’t even enjoy the great outdoors anymore. While some of this holds some truth, many people don’t realise what being a gamer actually means. With the advent of online multiplayer games, being a gamer means being part of a community. Meeting up with friends, or making new ones, indifferently of culture or social status. First person shooters will chisel your reflexes and accuracy, while real time strategy games would challenge the most experienced army General. Even surgeons are prescribed to play: many studies have demonstrated improved dexterity after just a few hours of gaming a week.

Being a gamer is so much more than being a lonely nerd. Gaming is an active pastime. Television is passive, and browsing the net is at least partially passive. 9gag appears to be 99.9% passive. Gaming is transcending generations. The kids of the 80s are now fully grown immature adults, and they brought their gaming culture along with them.

For some, being a gamer is more than a hobby. The e-sports scene is growing rapidly: in 2014 over $30 million was awarded in prize money alone. This excludes sponsorship and streaming revenue. Many still don’t consider gaming a sport, but it is undeniably here to stay.

The Innotech team will be at Legends of Gaming on 5 September in London. Watch YouTube legends and streamers will take on pro gamers on stage, take part on competitions and even try and and set a gaming world record.