Friday, 17 Aug 2018
Author: Isobel Ortiz

After The Fitbit Hacking Scandal We Ask: Are Wearables Safe?

After The Fitbit Hacking Scandal We Ask: Are Wearables Safe?   2015 was certainly the year of an unscrupulous event–what wearable enthusiasts had been predicting would happen for years has actually happened. Sales of wearable technology devices soared through the roof as Apple and other manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon. One manufacturer who has been […]

Three Steps To Identifying a Phishing Email

Identifying a Phishing Email If you have an email address, there’s a good chance you have received a phishing email in the past. Most of them are very obvious attempts at phishing with terrible spelling and grammar. But sometimes they are much less obvious and there have been some very high-profile phishing scams in the […]

Is Your Wi-Fi Safe?

Is Your Wi-Fi Safe? Make Sure You’re Protected Against The Hackers! Wireless internet can be found everywhere today, from luxury coffee shops to homes in even the poorest neighbourhoods. Thanks to the widespread nature of Wi-Fi, many of us have lost much of the suspicion we had for the Internet in its early days. We […]

What being a gamer really means

You’ve probably already heard that our children’s generation is doomed. They can’t have fun without a screen, live without a device and are addicted to video games. They don’t even enjoy the great outdoors anymore. While some of this holds some truth, many people don’t realise what being a gamer actually means. With the advent […]

Most Destructive Cyberattacks That Occured In 2015

What were the Most Destructive Cyberattacks That Occured In 2015? 2015 was a busy year in terms of cyber security, and not in a good way. The year saw an alarming number of data breaches, high-profile attack campaigns, and news of a major vulnerability. There are calls to ignore many of the high-profile attacks that […]

Innovate Finance Global Summit 2015

On March 9, the London FinTech industry meets policy makers and entrepreneurs for a very unique event: Innovate Finance Global Summit 2015. The main focus will be to explore the ways fintech is aiding the banking sector, and helping it grow in a more responsible and open manner. Key talking points will be: Social Inclusion Keeping […]

Tech vs Brains, London

Robots and computerised automation have evolved, and many more jobs will soon be replaced by technology. As computers increasingly look set to take over human roles, our panel ask what impact this will have on the economy, and what changes we can make today, to save jobs in the future. After all, how we implement […]